24 Hour Bail Bondsman – Rush Bail Bonds Birmingham

Every case is different and how quickly a defendant is released from jail varies. Often, if your daughter is charged with a less serious crime and has no criminal history, she may be booked and released within a few hours of arrest. However, if a criminal suspect is charged with a very serious crime, he or she will need to make a first court appearance before a judge. This court hearing happens within 24 hours of an arrest. During the first court appearance, a judge will determine if there is probable cause to file charges. If there is probable cause, the judge will set bail based on criminal history, the accused crime and whether or not the defendant is consider a risk to the community, it released. Once bail is set, you can determine if you have the ability to pay cash or hire a 24 hour bail bondsman.

Rush Bail Bonds is your 24 hour bail bondsman company. (205) 543-9209 We have the experience to get you out fast! Let our family help yours!


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