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Call Rush Bail Bonds today at (205) 354-2968! Our bail bondsmen have the experience and know how to get you out of jail fast! Let our family help yours!


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We know when a dad, brother or best friend is behind bars the world on the outside can come to a screeching halt. Being in jail means bills go unpaid and children go with out. This is what drives us everyday to provide the best bail bond services to every single client. This is why we never close our doors and always answer the phone. There’s never a good time to be arrested and that’s why we operate a 24-hour bail bonds company. We’re available when you need us most. Call Rush Bail Bonds today at (256) 217-5152! Our bail bondsmen have the experience and know how to get you out of jail fast! Let our family help yours!

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24 Bail Huntsville, AL. When a loved one is locked up, the last thing you want to do is wait for a bail bonding company to help you. At Rush Bail Bonds we never close. Our bail agents are available around the clock, every single day of the year. We don’t think you should wait for help. With our 24 hour bail bonding services in Huntsville, AL, you can be assured there will be someone to answer your phone call and get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. Call Rush Bail Bonds today.
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Rush Bail Bonds – Birmingham, AL

If you’re still unsure about what to do, you still need to pick up the phone and call our hot-line. As a 24-hour bail bonding company, we can at the very least give you critical information you need to make a smart decision. The hours following an arrest are chaotic and confusing. They don’t have to be with one of the most trusted and experienced 24-hour bail services by your side. We’re not just a bail bonds company, we’re your extended family in a crisis. Call Rush Bail Bonds today at (205) 543-9209! Our bail bondsmen will get you out of jail fast! We have decades of experience. Let our family help yours!

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If you’re reading this article, someone you love is most likely sitting behind bars. There’s nothing more terrifying than not knowing when you will see your brother, dad or best friend again. We understand exactly how you feel and you are not alone. Take a deep breathe and call Rush Bail Bonds in Tuscaloosa County, AL. We’re experts in the bail bonds business and that means we will have your loved one out of jail as swiftly as possible. In fact, our licensed an professional agents make every effort to have your sister, cousin or mom out of jail within 24 hours of their arrest. We know you have your choice of companies to work with during this difficult time. One call to Rush Bail Bonds and you will discover our unwavering compassion for our clients and professionalism is unsurpassed. Call us today. We’re waiting to take your call.
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Just as you drift off to sleep, there’s a knock on the door. You peak out your window to see a police cruiser in the driveway. As your heart races, you run downstairs and open the door and realize your worst nightmare is now very much a reality. There’s been a terrible crash and your son is now charged with vehicular assault. This is a terrifying moment no one should have to experience alone. Rush Bail Bonds knows what you’re going through and how desperate you are to get your son out of jail. Rush Bail Bonds has 24 Bail Service! Let our family help yours! We have the experience to get your loved ones home quickly! (205) 354-2968

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If this is your first time working with Rush Bail Bonds Shelby County,AL, you probably have a lot of questions regarding our services. Ask away! In our business, every single agent is a licensed with the State of Alabama. To obtain a bail bonding license, every agent must complete an in-depth 20 hour course regarding bail bonding principals, best practices and law. Call us today!Call Rush Bail Bonds Shelby County AL today and get outs of jail quickly. We treat you with respect. Let our family help yours!
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